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 Icelandic Lamb * Tamworth pigs * Coloured Sebastopols Geese

Heritage Turkey, Duck &  Chicken 

Sleepy Shepherd

Grass-fed Registered Breeding Stock

and Quality Products

since 2009


We are a small family farm located in Lunenburg, Ontario.

We started over a decade ago with the intention of building a homestead where we could produce quality food for our family.

Using Permiculture and Organic principals by raise ethical, grass-fed breeding stock and meats free of chemicals, corn and soy.

And we are happy to share our products and knowledge with you. 

Lunenburg Ontario,Canada   |  613-330-0272   |

Registered Pastured Tamworth pigs, a  Heritage Livestock Canada, Rare breed
Breeding Stock

Not only are we proud to offer the best of our registered stock to others looking to start or add to their herds or flocks. But also share our knowledge and experiences to make sure everyone has the best experience possible.  

We offer products from our farm year round.

Our inventory can be seen via

( a free online app)

For more information on our products please follow the links below. 

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Pastoral Scene, Ontario, Canada, Icelandic Sheep and Armenian Gampr, Livestock Guardian Dog

Our livestock is protected by our trusty Armenian Gampr Livestock Guardian Dogs. 

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