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Tamworth Pigs

I know, it seems like there everywhere.

Those big red pigs.
But in a reality, the registered Tamworth pig is seriously threatened in Canada.

The Tamworth Pig in Canada

Every year at least one long time Tamworth breeder retires, and in the last few years much of the genetics those farms carried has been lost. We presently ( March 2021) have 10 registered Tamworth breeders across Canada and our genetics are so closely breed an inbreeding coefficient of more then 25% is common (CLRC)


Yes and that is why we now have Tamworth pigs.

Why Tamworths?

Its strange to call a pig majestic and sweet, but they are.


Pastured pigs are sweet, mild mannered, hardy, amazing parents and surprisingly clean animals.

We raise our pigs in this manner; outdoors 24/7, on pasture rotting around through the soil in summer.

Fed a corn and soy-free diet heavily supplemented on pasture by the pigs themselves.

Since 2021 I have been working on a plan to help the genetics in Canada. Presently we entering phase 2, import semen from the UK. In 2021 I successfully imported fresh semen from the USA with the help of the HLCEO

Tamworth Sow on winter pasture.
Tamworth Pigs, Canadian Pork, Pastured pigs, grassfed, eat local Ottawa, Montreal
Homeasteading, Tamworth's, winter pasture, winter farrowing, piglets, weaner pigs
sow with piglets, grazing, nesting, near montreal and Ottawa
Piglets, red haired, tamworth, Heritage breeds, Heritage pork, Slow food
Tamworth Pigs, Heritage Pork, Slow food, Raised right on pasture,


We farrow spring and fall, weaner piglets are available both seasons. Spring weaners are often reserved early, so don't miss out.

We also offer older registered weaners for breeding stock if reserved before farrowing.

If you are interested in proven breeding stock we occasionally have some available. Contact us for more details. 

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