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Registered Icelandic Sheep

The Viking Sheep

Circa 875 AD

We raise our Icelandic’s primary for meat, but believe in keeping the breed as true to their original purpose, all around homestead sheep.

Iceland has a harsh climate and Icelandic sheep were isolated on the island for over 1100 years. They developed apart from all other sheep breeds, are not a composite breed, and are a pure and unique breed to this day. 

( okay if we are going to be technical, there have been 3 or 4 major imports of sheep to Icelandic since the 1800's to attempt to modernise the breed, all were disastrous failures and many sheep were culled. Selective breeding was what brought this breed from the small sheep of the vikings to a viable modern maternal breed)



Why Icelandic's?

  With delicious meat renowned for it’s flavor, wool sought after by handspinners, rich milk. Combined with a spunky attitude, hardiness, smart and easily tamable, great mothering and easy lambing they really are an ideal homesteading breed.


Plus they are gorgeous grazing in the fields with their rainbow of colours. And did I mention that the lamb is delicious, lean and that they excel on pasture and hay alone!

We For more information on this wonderful versatile breed check out the ISBONA website as it is a wealth of knowledge regarding Icelandic Sheep.

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Available Breeding Stock


We open our waiting list for early fall lambs in Feburary of the same year. We do not sell lambs over the summer as we prefer to observe growth to ensure only the best are used for breeding stock.

If you are interested to be placed on the list please email with your preference, experience, expectations from sheep to ensure Icelandic's are the right breed for you



Every year we hold back a few ewe lambs to see how they progress. Occassionally some are available. If interested please email. 



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