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Wool & Products

We raise our Icelandic sheep on pasture, using organic practices. To reduce any stress during shearing, we shear our own sheep, in an easy relaxed manner. The sheep jump up onto a stand and have treats while we shear, trim hooves and do an over all health check. 

We shear 2x per year. Fall shearing is the ideal, clean, with none or very little vegetable matter in the fleece.

Raw Icelandic Wool

Presently we sell the wool raw, in the grease. Personally I like working with the wool straight off the sheep, I do not washes it before carding and spinning. I shear our sheep in a stand and do not have to rush, sheep get treats while up there and have minimal stress and we skirt heavily, selling by the fleece or ounce. 

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Wool Dryer balls

I've been making these bad boys well before they were available commercially. I've been using our oldest dryer balls for more then 8 years now. 


Occasionally they do need a refresh. So toss them in the wash with your laundry, stuff them in an old sock and run them through the dryer with the load. Pop them out of the sock and they should be as good as new.  

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