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The Full Story

About the Farm

We started out in 2009, with zero knowledge about farming or actually living in the country. It has been a LONG learning curve, but we are there, most days.

I have worked hard these last 10 years using Grassfed and Pastured rotational grazing for Our Land, The Livestock and Ourselves.

OUR LAND: By raising all of our livestock on pasture with a natural healthy lifestyle, our land benefits from constant ground cover, water retention capacity, tiny hooves aerating the soil, trees in our pastures and natural areas for pollinators. We use zero application of chemicals or pesticides.

OUR LIVESTOCK: By using heritage and rare breeds we 1. Help preserve their genetics by breeding the best, eating the rest and

2. Ensuring they have a happy life - outdoors, grazing, rooting, pecking or burrowing.

Whatever tickles their fancy, they should be able to accomplish it with their own kind ( and some random others) loafing around.

AND OURSELVES: By producing food that is rich with omegas, balanced fats ( fatty acids) and nutrient packed protein that tastes fantastic with a balanced and appetizing flavour profile. We don’t need to drown our food in salts and preservatives to taste delicious!

For these reasons we choose heritage pastured and grassfed meats!

Farming, family farm, local, homesteading


Has always been to ethically preserve heritage breeding stock while providing healthy sustainable food. 


Helping other establish homesteads with pastured heritage breeds thriving in sustainable productivity. 

Homesteading, Pastoral, grazing sheep, co-grazing, grassfed, Armenian Gampr, Canadienne Cow
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