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Grassfed and Pastured Meats

Icelandic Lamb

But we breed and raise them here in Ontario. Dress between 25-35lbs, have low lanolin so no "greasy lamby taste" and is renowned for it's mild flavor. Grass-fed, pastured, custom cut.


Pastured Tamworth Pork
Tamworth pork is lean, flavourful, easy to digest, full of Omega's and nutrient dense. Its been ranked on the Ark of Taste and we raise ours corn and soy free, custom cut.

Heritage Turkey
Our Narragansette flock naturally hatches and raises their young. Our turkeys are SLOWWW food. Taking 9 months or more to reach table size and our limited numbers are available in December. Raised free-range, corn and soy free.


Barbery Duck ( Muscovy Duck)

Its a lean duck. Heavily breasted and delicious, super easy to cook and yet seems fancy so impresses everyone. Free range, corn and soy free. A family favourite in our house.



My Take on the Jargon

Custom Cut

You get to choose how the product is packaged, must pre-order. We send you the cut sheet that explains the different cuts you can order. Very user friendly. Or just get a bit of everything so you can figure out what you like best.


Free range

To us, free range means to be able to range freely....Our birds are not fenced in, they have full access to 40 acres of our property to forage during daylight hours and choose to roost in or on the coops in the evening our Gamprs protect them from predators so need to be locked in.



Means they are raised predominantly on pasture ( grass, brush, tree leaves, sapings, bushes, weeds...) We strip graze our sheep. So we have multiple fenced fields that we separate using electric fencing so that the animals have access to fresh grass daily in the growing season. Otherwise they trample and contaminate the fields.

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more Terminology...


Heritage breeds are ones that were developed before the development of factory or large scale farming. In a time when livestock was raised outdoors, expected to forage, have good health, and mothering. These breeds are generally slower to grow, healthier, hardier, smarter, and have important genetics that are slowly being lost. They take longer to grow but gain well on pasture or from foraging which gives a richer taste, higher Omega's and leaner meat.

Corn and soy free

We purchase local, whole, non - GMO grains that we ferment and sprout to make fodder in the winter, from a local farmer. We feed Oats, Barley, Wheat, Flax and Black Oil Sunflower Seed,Peas. These grains are not genetically modified in Canada, we avoid GMO crops and feeds such as soy and corn.

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