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Livestock Guardian Dogs

Armenian Gamprs

There is really no way we could keep our livestock safe without our trusty co-workers. Before we employed our Armenian Gamprs we were losing livestock (mainly geese and poultry) to predators such as foxes, coy-wolves, fishers, racoons, mink and hawks. It was a very difficult time as we tried to figure out how to coexist with our wild neighbours. 

In came the Gamprs

( well 1 Great Pyrenees first, and never another!) 

Armenian Gamprs have a long history in the highlands of Armenia and surrounding territory. They have working as guardians for pastured sheep...well its difficult to tell, But Proto-Gampr is thought to be from the time of domestication. The true Armenian Gamprs lifestyle has not changed much over the 1000's of years.

I was initially drawn to them because of the rich history of the area, the breed and the story of Gampr. 

They are still being raised in the pastoral nomadic and village lifestyle. Living in and amongst their local village with families, poultry, cows, kids and the likes running about in the winter. And spending their summers out on the plains with the flocks and shepherds. They excel and crave living a dual life, both as a LGD and a family pet and property guardian. Gamprs are highly intelligent, very in tune with their families and empathatic to both their charges, be it livestock or miniature humans. They strive to please and learn exceptionally quickly. They are landrace, so not bred to type, but rather to a combination of working ability and temperament which makes them an interesting breed, as their is bound to be one that suits everyone's farm or homestead. They have become our everything dog. Livestock Guardian, Family pet, Snuggle blanket, Hiking partner, Driving buddy. Basically if were anywhere we likely have a Gampr with us. 

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