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Weather weaning and wrapping

And it's not even Wednesday!

Strange week of searing heat. You know it's hot when your rams testicals are almost dragging on the ground at 9am.

Positive? - ( hard to think of when its so hot) But it's great weather for haying. Except the baler is still not operational, and everyone is swamped so I couldn't cut ours. But the neighbour we supplement our hay with. squeezed in a cut for us. The farmer who typically wraps for us was swamped so we had someone come out with the fancy tube wrapped. The boys are not impressed that they can't do their parkor bale to bale jump sessions.

NOW THE STRSSFUL part, keeping the cats off the bales so they don't tear. Single bale wrap, a tear is 1 bale lost. This snake is another beast. 1 tear and 2 or 3 bale on either side can also be damaged. Geese are enemy #2 for wrapped bales, so their locked in the the front pasture until the fall. Sorry pretty toddlers, no nibbling on the bales for you! ( Step 2: I still need to set up the perimeter collar for that area so one of the Armenian Gamprs can be with them. Sneaky Mama Foxy knows the dogs can't access that area. Next week)

Our last Tamworth spring litters are officially weaned, moving to their new homes in the next week. Hopefully I can hay our fields soon so the adults can move up to their summer pastures in the back.

The Hereford 4h heifers, looking a bit rotund. Sent them out with the flerd for a bit of cardio. That was interesting to watch. Lilith was like "Friends" Love'em they blend in so well, we're only allowed red cattle from now on.

And from hay weather to "where's my mittens" It's freaken freezing today.

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